Vehicle Washing Equipment Systems

Tranzwash are the exclusive and sole Australian Distributor of the Ceccato range of truck, bus, train and industrial vehicle wash machines.

Ceccato are the number 1 manufacturer in Italy of vehicle Wash machines and are positioned in the top 3 producers Worldwide.

Call today to discuss your requirements for the Ceccato commercial range of truck, bus, train, tram and commercial and all commercial vehicle washing equipment and water saving technology.

Who We Are

Since 2002, Tranzwash Group Australia has offered its customers a unique, environmentally-friendly mobile fleet washing service. With our completely mobile system, we are able to setup onsite at a time that suits you. This unique system allows us to capture every vehicle prior to them leaving the depot. You can also visit our on-site location in laverton.


Ceccato History

1936 – 1955

Established by Pietro Ceccato
Production of Bread Ovens
Production of Garage Equipments and Motocycles
First production of Carwashes

1970 – 1999

Establish of Ceccato DMR in Brazil
Establish of Ceccato Gmbh in Germany
Sale of compressed air division
Acquisition of Daerg

2001 – 2013

Move to the new factory
Incorporation of Daerg
 Establish of Ceccato Spzoo in Poland
Acquisition of whole Ceccato Group from Ceccato Holding SpA

2014 – 2019

Acquisition of Inwash Srl
New remote controlling of the Units by Schneider E.
Exclusive contract acquisition with Eni for Italian market
Moving to the new factory in Grisignano di Zocco

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Main Characteristics

High Pressure vertical series

The side bars equipped with nozzles can wash the sides of the vehicle. The impact is able to guarantee a very effective removal action.

Hydraulic Equipment

• Cooling – Water sprinkling
• Detergent sprinkling
• Rinse – Water sprinkling
• Chemicals tanks of 25 litres
• Water supply with 3 external pump (basic version), one of 3 kW for the cooling
and soak action,three of 7.5 kW for the water sprinkling at high pressure,
up to 70 bar (ALT. 1 pump of 37.5 kW for a water pressure up to 30 bar)
•Supply hoses are supported by a cable supporting rode

Brushes Bristles

• The brushes bristles are fixed with stainless steel screws and are easily replaceable
• Colours available are: black-blue, rainbow, light green-dark green, light blue-dark blue

Horizontal High Pressure Arch

The horizontal high pressure arch performs a touch less wash action, keeping an optimal distance from the vehicle’s surface, being equipped with specific sensors. The nozzles are placed on a rotating bar. It can turn and position the nozzles towards the vertical surfaces in the front/rear end of the truck or towards other vertical surfaces present on the truck (e.g. at the end of the driving cockpit). The electronics and sensors equipping the plant can detect the increase/ decrease of the shape’s height during the movement of the portal; the inclination of the bar is consequently commanded. The sprinklers themselves are rotating; they’re made to clean with the same impact as the normal sprinklers, but they have the plus of creating a cone 20° or 26° wide, which allows a total coverage of the surface to be washed.