Model Number: DW-SG01F


DW-SG01F is a full-truck washing design with length of 7.6m to cover all of the dump truck. This eliminates washing separately front and rear tyres speeding up procedures the truck can wash through the machine with-out stopping. It can handle up to 2,000 trucks per day.

Full Automation

Easy maintenance

After Sales Service Network


Operating Method: Fully automatic operation by mechanical sensor

Applicable Vehicles: All types of Dump Truck

Spraying Water Pressure: 4 Bar

Sludge Disposal Method: Elimination by sludge conveyor operation

Washing Time: 15 ~ 30 sec

Dimension, Weight: 7,460(W) * 5,340(L) * 1,000(H), 9,100kgs

Reservoir Volume: 22,000 litres

Power Consumption: 32 kw

Power Source: 50Hz 380/415V, 3Ph,


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